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Tables of Contents

Trade, Competition and Domestic Regulatory Policy

Chapter 1: Purposes of Trade Liberalisation and Competitive Markets

Chapter 2: Introduction to Institutions Underpinning Global Trade and Regulations

Chapter 3: The Role of Consumer Welfare in Competition Implementation and Enforcement

Chapter 4: A Brief Introduction to the Theory of Anti-Competitive Market Distortions

Chapter 5: Trade Policies and Trade Remedies through the Lens of Competition and Consumer Welfare

Chapter 6: The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: A Temporary Fix but a Constitutional Foundation

Chapter 7: Trade and Competition in Agriculture: A Trade Negotiation and Sugar Case Study

Chapter 8: State-Trading Enterprises and State-Supported Monopolies: Beginnings of Consumer Welfare Test

Chapter 9: Domestic Regulatory Reform

Chapter 10: The Role of Property Rights in Building a Competitive Market

Chapter 11: Protecting Property Rights: The Triple Interface between Intellectual Property, Competition and Trade

Chapter 12: Trade in Services: General Introduction

Chapter 13: Financial Services

Chapter 14: Impact of the New Media Economy

Chapter 15: Conclusion

Market Distortions in Privatisation Processes

Chapter 1: Impact of Market Distortions in The Specific Case of Privatisation

Chapter 2: Competition and Regulated Industries: Electricity and Gas

Chapter 3: Competition and Regulated Industries: Telecommunications

Chapter 4: Postal Services

Chapter 5: Conclusion