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Past Commentary


Imposing the ideals of the woke left on businesses is bad for Britain, and the world CapX Shanker Singham
Nations allowing a deluge of Russian money are a threat to our global democracies City A.M. Shanker Singham
Britain is still a nimble power on the world stage – Ukraine has proved it Reaction Shanker Singham
Why India matters to the UK – and the fate of the West – CapX CapX Shanker Singham
Why weakening intellectual property rights would be a grave mistake for the WTO CapX Shanker Singham
The WTO has given the green light to a two-tier drugs system CapX Shanker Singham
Britain’s bill of rights is not only good policy but sound philosophy  Reaction Shanker Singham, Andre Wilton, Fiona Carroll
What we need from the UK’s next Prime Minister Reaction Shanker Singham, Andrew Wilton, Jamie Roberts
Why we can’t treat China like France Reaction Shanker Singham, Andrew Wilton, Jamie Roberts
Tweaking taxes won’t do: the next PM needs a sweeping programme of economic reform CapX Shanker Singham
Why it’s wrong to claim the Australia deal was bad for British farmers CapX Shanker Singham
Will Boris Johnson’s successor follow his wise advice? Reaction Shanker Singham
The competition debate is back – and going down the wrong path could have dire consequences – CapX CapX Shanker Singham
What should the next PM’s core priorities be? CapX Shanker Singham
Halfon is right – The Conservative Party must return to social justice Reaction Shanker Singham


Trade expert: Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has benefits for the firms and people of Northern Ireland but also for the cause of unionism itselfBelfast NewsletterShanker Singham
How India should look at UK and BrexitSunday Guardian LiveShanker Singham
The PM can negotiate a proper Brexit by the end of 2020 – so long as he avoids these 5 cardinal errorsThe TelegraphShanker Singham
Brexit reflections from Shanker SinghamBrexit CentralShanker Singham
We must not get stuck in an EU thicket – CityAMCity A.M.Shanker Singham
How to forge a grown-up ‘special relationship’CapXShanker Singham
It’s time to seize the opportunities of Brexit and embrace a Global VisionBrexit CentralShanker Singham
Britain must not put all its trading eggs in the EU basketThe TimesShanker Singham
Let’s start negotiating trade deals with other countries alongside the EUThe TelegraphShanker Singham
Western governments should have been ready for Huawei – CityAM Shanker Singham
What does ‘friction’ in trade really mean for the UK?CapXShanker Singham
Opportunities and challenges for UK agriculture and fishing post BrexitGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
Reflections on David Frost’s Brussels speechGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
The EU’s absurd and ever-changing position reminds us why Britain voted to leaveThe TelegraphShanker Singham
The EU must negotiate with the UK as sovereign equals if they want a dealGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
UK and EU Negotiating Mandates ComparedGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
UK Launches US Negotiating ObjectivesGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
Negotiating deals with both the EU and US will be tricky for Britain – but it does have a trump cardThe TelegraphShanker Singham
Global Britain should support its freedom-loving friends on Russia’s bordersThe TelegraphShanker Singham
We need a vaccine and an economically rational response until we have oneGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
The UK’s First Steps as a WTO member cannot be to break the lawGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
Shanker Singham: Brexit – and why the transition period must not be extended beyond December this yearConservativeHomeShanker Singham
Don’t Extend Brexit Transition PeriodRealClearWorldShanker Singham
Debt relief for Africa: an easy solution, but not necessarily the right oneCapXShanker Singham
The economic consequences of the Great ShutdownGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
UK-EU negotiations are following a predictable pathGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
China’s coronavirus cover-up shows it can’t be trustedThe SpectatorShanker Singham
China’s COVID cover-up shows it can’t be trustedSpectator USShanker Singham
Agriculture: The Threats to Global BritainGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
Improving the Economic Modelling of Trade AgreementsGlobal Vision UKShanker Singham
Shanker Singham: EU-style regulation on animal welfare would be the wrong step for BritainConservativeHomeShanker Singham
Global Economic Neural NetworksGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
UK Freeport InitiativeGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham, Lars O. Karlsson, Daniel A. Gottschald
Reviving the global economy through special economic zonesGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
Shanker Singham: As Johnson prepares to fly to Brussels, here’s how to end the row over the Northern Ireland protocolConservativeHomeShanker Singham
The Mail on Sunday’s campaign against US food imports is a new lowCapxShanker Singham
UAE labour market points towards recoveryglobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
In the node: how to revive the global economyCapXShanker Singham
The Global Competition to Emerge from LockdownGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
Two Cheers for DIT Modelling Reviewglobalvisionuk.comShanker Singham
UK air bridges list punishes successful track and trace systemsGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
Unlock Britain: The Role of Opportunity and Innovation ZonesGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
WTO elections an opportunity to fill the leadership voidGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham
Sanctions must be placed on Nigeria after horrific Christian persecution, lobby group saysDaily ExpressShanker Singham
How we can protect our farmers and promote free tradeCapXShanker Singham
The True Cost of Customs: The UK should not be afraid of its own shadowglobalvisionuk.comShanker Singham
UK Trade Policy Hoves into ViewGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham, Tony Smith
Opening up the Trade Superhighways  
Possibilities for Early Harvest Measures in UK-US FTAglobalvisionuk.comShanker Singham
Tectonic plates keep shiftingGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham, Peter Allgeier
Blunt quarantine measures are stopping a global economic fightback and preventing more innovative solutionsThe TelegraphShanker Singham, Tony Smith
Tony Abbott’s appointment can help Brexit Britain realise it’s full potentialglobalvisionuk.comShanker Singham
GENN Report identifies the path to economic resilienceGlobaleconomies.comShanker Singham, Daniel A Gottschald, Lars O. Karlsson
We face a critical choice: Global Britain, or the mire of protectionismCapxShanker Singham
Singapore’s success is a lesson to the worldCapXShanker Singham
Don’t let absurd NHS strawmen get in the way of trade dealsCapXShanker Singham