New Release by Shanker Singham and Alden Abbott

It’s a book that you want on your bookshelf. To bring together international trade, domestic economic regulatory policy and patent rights is so important today when we are trying to figure out how to get along with a lot of other different countries with different ways of doing things. This book brings us back to the basics.” –Christine McDaniel, International Trade and Property Rights Expert


Trade, Competition and Domestic Regulatory Policy presents a unique combination of analysis of both international trade and investment policies, and competition and regulatory policies. Increasingly, policymakers, businesses and the law and economics professions need to better understand how changes and policy developments in international trade and competition developed and how their interaction impacts on global business.

Other Recent Works by Shanker Singham


Drawing on a range of global case studies, Market Distortions in Privatisation Processes illustrates the ways in which market distortions damaged the ability of privatisation processes to yield concrete benefits to consumers.

Author Singham talks with Mercatus Center's
Christine McDaniel about central ideas in recent books